There are two very little know facts about Andorra that make a massive impact on the day to day life of Andorran Residents and Citizens, and which should be of great interest to individuals or families looking to relocate to Andorra.

  1. Andorra is the safest Country (in reference to violent crimes) in Europe.
    Violent crime refers to those crimes committed against another person with intent to injure or kill. It is a true blemish on society today when the general press places more emphasis on the footwear of a pop singer, than the ever more frequent occurrence of Murder, Rape, Kidnap, Torture, or Violent Theft. It is comforting to most individuals and especially families when they discover they are relocating to the safest country in Europe and within the top 3 in the world. Fortunately here, we are not conditioned to murder, or violent theft (or any other violent crime) being just a day to day nuisance as we try to get on with our own existence. Crime is simply not tolerated, either by the authorities or by the society in general. The innocence of this country is at times remarkable, considering that we are surrounded by two European giants in France and Spain, but at the same time, it is refreshing to discover that society does not accept, or has not fallen accustomed to the worst side of human nature. And long may this last.
  2. Andorra boasts a “Top 5” worldwide position in Life Expectancy of its population.
    World Health Organization figures for 2015 (released in 2016) show Andorra in 4th position behind Singapore, Guernsey, Japan, with San Marino rounding off the “Top 5” (4 of the top 5 countries appearing on this list have moderate fiscal policy, or Low Tax Regimes; Coincidence???). The principality of Andorra is a naturally beautiful place, but what most people take for granted is the excellent quality of the air and the water that we consume here. Combine this with a healthy outdoor lifestyle; it is simple to see why the general standard of health of the Andorran population is amongst the world’s best. Beyond the natural surroundings, the clean and healthy living, the Medical Infrastructure of Andorra has very few peers in Europe. In a country where “Waiting Lists” to visit specialists sometimes stretch to up to 4 days, G.P.’s can be visited on the same day as the patient falls ill, and the all private room Hospital (La Nostre Senyora Meritxell) is one