With the popularity as a destination for International Companies, Individuals and Families to relocate due to the excellent fiscal structure, the low cost of living, the proximity to so many fantastic locations, the Private Banking and the extremely low crime rate, there have been an abundance of Relocation Offices and Relocation “Experts” appearing on the Andorran corporate landscape. No doubt that if you find yourself reading this document, you have been surfing the internet looking for the information you require to assist you in relocating to Andorra. 

So why would you choose INVICO to assist you in relocating and/or investing in Andorra.

Because none one else can offer you the combination of the following:

  1. Qualifications and Licenses.
    Working under the Andorran College of Realtors (AGIA) License number 384 we are fully government registered to execute all of the tasks we have mentioned in this Website. INVICO S.L. is not an introduction agency, we offer and personally execute all services from our publicly accessible offices on the high street of La Massana.
  2. More than 50 years of Experience
    INVICO S.L. was one of the first Real Estate Agents licensed in Andorra (back in 1969), and the first Agency that offered full residency and relocation services to international English-speaking clients. More than 50 years on, we continue to be dedicated to ongoing service to our long list of clients who now call Andorra home, and welcome new clients to Andorra almost weekly.
  3. Language: Lost in Translation
    Relocating to a foreign country and investing in property are two of the most stressful (and satisfying) activities a person could face in their lifetime. Avoid unnecessary risks by contracting a company who communicate in English as their first language.
  4. Close ties with Administration
    A company that has been active within Andorra since November of 1969, multi lingual staff that have lived through the relocation process, and are fluent in the local language of Catalan and carried out professional activity in the country for the last 25 years. INVICO staff have built professional relationships with many departments of administration, with whom they have daily contact with.
  5. Cost (If nothing else)
    In striving to ensure that the relationships we form with our clients are ongoing, INVICO is reputable for its fair price policy. Foregoing the general opinion that a High Net Worth client who does not know the processes or have the language skills to obtain residency, or invest successfully in Andorra, therefore charge without justification, INVICO prides itself on customer care. Our resumé of decades of ongoing close professional relationships with clients is our best reference and our client’s best guarantee. 
  6. A portfolio of growth
    At INVICO the building of relationships with clients is key to our longevity, therefore the services offered are much more than just a property transaction. In fact, the property transaction is just he start of the relationship, we base our success on assisting our clients a full and prosperous integration process into the country.