Relocating to Andorra

The personal value of having a professional complete the full residency and relocation process.

INVICO S.L. was the first company to offer the full Relocation service using natural English Speakers to ensure that there was absolutely nothing lost in translation. We understand the emotional weight of relocating to a new and often unknown location, and for this, we have in depth knowledge of the system, to ensure we can explain step by step to our clients. Our "hands on" approach throughout the whole relocation process assures that the incoming clients is supported every step of the way, using the expert experience and contacts we have managed to create over the past 50 years.


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Date: Saturday, June 14, 2014

The decision to relocate is not one to be taken lightly, moving to a new location with diferent languages, different cultures, and different administrative systems, creates a certain uncertainty, along with new exciting challenges. The emotional weight of ensuring that the relocation is executed in a professional and personable manner makes the decision of which company to use so much more important. This emotional process also accentuates the necessity to be treated not only with a high level of professionalism, but also with personal care, and personable treatment, ensuring that you are not another numerical transaction, but an individual who is looking at relocating to Andorra for your own personal reasons.